Contact Form Repaired

I’d like to apologize to anyone who has tried to use the contact form today — we’re still shaking down changes to the new look and feel here, and the contact form was accidently taken offline last night.

It’s now back online — sorry for the inconvenience!

Spreading the GoMeme…

Please note — if you don’t have a web site you can safely ignore this; otherwise, you may wish to follow this social networking experiment and see how it works for you, as well.

Copy This GoMeme From This Line to The End of this article, and paste into your blog. Then follow the instructions below to fill it out for your site.

Steal This Post!!!! This is a GoMeme– a new way to spread an idea along social networks. This is the second generation meme in our experiment in spreading ideas. To find out what a GoMeme is, and how this experiment works, or just to see how this GoMeme is growing and discuss it with others, visit the Root Posting and FAQ for this GoMeme at .

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