Make Your Automatic Brain Work Overtime For You

Use all of your brain to be your most effective.

“Running on Automatic” is what I call the ability to visualize what you need to have happen. Automatic because the part of your brain that gives us most of our solutions is working all the time. When you are asleep or not. Most of us call it our subconscience. This part of your brain is processing what your awake aware or cognitive part of the brain is telling it is going on. Our subconscience is not aware of any rational or philosophical system. It just helps us process the stuff we see, feel, smell, taste and hear. It is the core of our intuition. And most of all it can be exercised and controlled.

When we understand how to feed our subconscious so it will work out our problems and help us get to where we need to be there is nothing you can’t achieve. Didn’t your mother tell you “There’s nothing you can’t do, if you just set your mind to it.” Listen to your mother, she was right. In fact she gave you the best advice you will ever get about how to get ahead in this world. If you can see it, you can do it.
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Accepting Change

Well I’ve finally done it…I turned my heat on. After shouting at the kids that it’s not cold and making them dress like they are outside, I turned on the heat in the house. I finally gave in when I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore while typing and the cat, Bogey, was sitting next to the desk sneezing continuously. I started thinking, hmmm he has fur and he’s cold. Maybe it is cold. (One of those duh moments) I then looked at the temperature on my computer and saw it was 43 degrees. Well I guess it is time.

Just like the seasons change, our life changes. We have to be open to the change that is coming and willing to learn the lesson that this change has for us. For instance I know that we are in the season of autumn and if you live in Cleveland Ohio it is going to get cold. Instead of accepting that summer is over, I was trying to hang on to living the way we were living during the summer months with no heat on. Because I didn’t adjust to the change my cat now has a cold. This is the same with our lives. Some people know that they need changes in their lives but continue to live a life that they are no longer satisfied with. People stay in relationships that aren’t good for them. People keep jobs that they are not happy with. There is nothing wrong with change. If you stay in the same place you may never know if something better is out there. I am not saying to leave your relationship or your job today. I am saying open yourself up to that there is something better out there for you. At least do some research to see what it is you may want.
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Abundance Of Money vs. Abundance Of Love

How much happiness is there in a piece of paper with the word “happiness” printed upon it? It depends on the person who holds that piece of paper…

How much value is there in a 100 dollar bill?

Same thing…

If you think you’re poor and have just enough to make ends meet, an unexpected 100 dollar bill is very valuable. If you believe you’re rich and more money is coming to you all the time, an unexpected 100 dollar bill is nice, but not very important.

So, it depends on the person…

But it also depends on what’s going around that person. For example:
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How Do You Define Happiness?

I ran a contest in “Your Daily Dose of Happiness” to see how people define happiness. I was stunned to discover that I am the only person who defines happiness as an extra helping of cheesecake.

There were other shockers, too.

We know that money can’t buy happiness … except, of course, when we are flat broke. But I figured several people would define happiness, at least in part, as a bulging bank vault or “financial freedom”. Just three people cited money in their definitions of happiness.
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Your Words Matter

Amidst much groaning and moaning, we carried one of our two kayaks from the bayside of the key to the beach—two hundred yards of sweat and hand chafing. Loaded down with paddles and life preservers, we herded the kids to water’s edge.

Captain Linus on the bow, oarsman Dad behind him, first mate Camille next in line and oarswoman Mom at the stern—into the waves we surged.

After a few wobbly moments in the break, the crew settled. We began to scour the depths for the Gulf’s finest—cow rays, turtles, fish of assorted sizes and our family favorite—dolphin.
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A Bellyful of Mindfulness

Taco Bell, a huge Mexican fast-food franchise, has a new ad campaign focusing on the slogan, “Get full.” The commercials show people ecstatically announcing that they are full–thanks, of course, to the huge value meals now available at Taco Bell.

We know that feeling full isn’t simply a matter of building a bigger, better burrito. There’s a whole lotta emptiness going on, and it’s not always filled by what we put into our bellies.
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4 Secrets To Skyrocket Your Success!

Whenever I ask people this question, “what do you really want in your life?” They will usually give me answers as follows. “I want to have more success in my life.” “I want to have more money.” “I want to have a better relationship.” Then I ask them “What will success give you?” “What will money give you?” “What will a good relationship give you?” They will always come down to one answer” Feeling Good!” Yes, “Feeling Good is the Ultimate Needs of any human being.” Nothing is important than feeling good. Therefore, the quality of your life comes down to one thing–your ability to feel good. Did I say that? Yes, feeling good is an ability. It is like your muscle, the more you use, the stronger it will become. You either use it or lose it. Unfortunately, majority of the people today have forgotte how to use this powerful ability. Today I will give you some powerful techniques, as long as you use them, they will awaken your ability of feeling good. The quality of your life will increase dramatically, you will have tremendous amount of energy, live a life of total fulfillment” These techniques are so simple that you couldn’t believe it. I only ask you to keep a ten-day commitment, use them for ten days, see how your life will change. After ten days, you decide keep them or not. I bet you will get addicted to it. Ok Let’s Begin.
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Are You Willing To Risk It?

What would your life be like if you kept doing everything the same way? If you stood still for the next 10 or 20 years and didn’t make progress with anything? If you stayed stuck in the same situations that you’re in now?

If you stayed at the same job, with the same pay, lived at the same apartment? What if nothing changed but the years? You still would have goals and dreams but what if you never took action on any of them?
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Trust Starts with You

“I have a hard time trusting people.“

“I never feel like I can trust my husband (or wife).“

It is very common for me, in my work as a counselor, to hear the above statements. Trust issues abound in relationships. However, resolving trust issues is not about getting another person to be trustworthy. It’s about you become a trustworthy person with yourself and learning to trust yourself.
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