A Bellyful of Mindfulness

Taco Bell, a huge Mexican fast-food franchise, has a new ad campaign focusing on the slogan, “Get full.” The commercials show people ecstatically announcing that they are full–thanks, of course, to the huge value meals now available at Taco Bell.

We know that feeling full isn’t simply a matter of building a bigger, better burrito. There’s a whole lotta emptiness going on, and it’s not always filled by what we put into our bellies.
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How to Grieve a Tragedy

Bad things happen to good people. Have you lost your job or are facing bankruptcy? Has a cherished relationship ended or you have gone through a divorce? Maybe you received diagnosis of a serious health problem. Or maybe you are mourning the loss of a loved one. Unfortunately, these painful events are part of life.

If you have to endure such a tragedy, maybe you can find solace in your friends and in your faith. There is no way to completely avoid the pain of a tragic event, but I offer you a way to work through the pain. If a friend or loved one is grieving, you can pass this message on to them.
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21st Century Career Success

When it comes to modern career development, one thing we can all count on is change. With the advent of technology, telecommuting, and E-commerce, how work is performed is in a state of reinvention. Self-employment and small business development will become more the norm than big business. And career changes will be more frequent due to rapidly changing organizations and industries. Finally, the line between one’s personal and professional life will become even more blurred. Since the modern world of work is rapidly changing to keep up with the demands of our fast-paced lives and lifestyles, here are some characteristics of what the new work contract will look like:
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Are You Invisible?

Ellen was brought up to be invisible. She was taught to be very tuned into others’ feelings and needs, but to never have any of her own. Her family made it clear to her that her job was to give to them but to never expect anything in return. As a result, Ellen learned to be totally tuned out to her own feelings and needs. It was as if she, as a person, didn’t really exist, other than to be there for others.

When Ellen’s feelings and needs did surface, she would tell herself that they weren’t important, that she was strong and could handle not having her feelings cared for and or her needs recognized. She convinced herself that if she just cared enough about others, others would eventually care about her. It never happened.
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4 Secrets To Skyrocket Your Success!

Whenever I ask people this question, “what do you really want in your life?” They will usually give me answers as follows. “I want to have more success in my life.” “I want to have more money.” “I want to have a better relationship.” Then I ask them “What will success give you?” “What will money give you?” “What will a good relationship give you?” They will always come down to one answer” Feeling Good!” Yes, “Feeling Good is the Ultimate Needs of any human being.” Nothing is important than feeling good. Therefore, the quality of your life comes down to one thing–your ability to feel good. Did I say that? Yes, feeling good is an ability. It is like your muscle, the more you use, the stronger it will become. You either use it or lose it. Unfortunately, majority of the people today have forgotte how to use this powerful ability. Today I will give you some powerful techniques, as long as you use them, they will awaken your ability of feeling good. The quality of your life will increase dramatically, you will have tremendous amount of energy, live a life of total fulfillment” These techniques are so simple that you couldn’t believe it. I only ask you to keep a ten-day commitment, use them for ten days, see how your life will change. After ten days, you decide keep them or not. I bet you will get addicted to it. Ok Let’s Begin.
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Anger and Your Health: How Your Outlook Influences Health and Your Ability to Control Anger

The situation: Jane and Anthony have differing ways of viewing the world. Jane is a pessimist (the glass is half-empty), while Anthony is an optimist (the glass is half-full). These outlooks influence how they experience similar situations.

Scene 1: Job loss. Jane is devastated, convincing herself that she is all washed up, she can never catch a break, it is useless for her to try to be successful, and she is never going to succeed at anything.

Anthony, however, has a healthier inner dialogue. He tells himself he may not have been good at that particular job, his skills and his company’s needs did not mesh and being fired was only a temporary setback in his career.

Scene 2: New jobs. Offered a new job, Jane, the pessimist, believes she was able to find a new job only because her industry is now really desperate for people and must have lowered their standards to hire her.

Anthony, however, feels he landed the new job because his talents were finally recognized and he will now be appreciated for what he can do.
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Find People Lost in Space and Time

Want to find information about someone lost in space and time? The Internet’s here: Just make your search one that doesn’t invade someone’s privacy.

Can you remember a friend or relative’s name that has disappeared from the Earth? You haven’t had contact with them in decades, but now you want to find out where they are so you can get in touch. In the old days this would have been nearly impossible, but now things are different. There are many different ways to find people lost in ‘space and time’ on the Internet. Some are free and some cost, but the amount of personal information you can find about any individual in the world is astounding.
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