So what do I know?

The second question in most people’s minds when I tell them I’m a coach is ‘so how are you qualified to do this?’ (The first question tends to be ‘So where are your whistle and keys?’)

Like most everyone, I’ve spent much of my life learning things the hard way. In my 25 or so years in the computer industry, I did the ‘wonder kid’ thing, the ‘technical guru’ thing, the ‘up and coming corporate star’ thing, and the ‘corporate visionary’ thing. During and after that, I did the ‘Hired Gun’ consulting gig and the ‘Entrepreneur’ gig a few times. Married my childhood sweetheart, two kids, house and pool, sports cars, the whole works. I made a lot of money for a lot of companies, and a fairly substantial amount for myself.
Of course, I also ended up with the rest of the usual — the divorce thing, the bankruptcy thing, etc.

Afterwards, I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and I made a growdevelopevolve┬ádetermined attempt to learn all I could from the experience, ’cause I damn sure wasn’t going to be doing that again.

I learned that hard work isn’t enough. Talent isn’t enough. Good intentions aren’t enough (the reason the road to Hell is paved with good intentions is because it’s the most abundant building material in the known universe.)

What it takes is learning the ways we sabotage our ability to have the success and happiness that we want, learninghow to overcome these things with positive, directed action, and doing the work.

transformgifSomewhere along the way, I discovered a funny thing in my technical consulting practice (which I still pursue for a few of my long-term clients). I found that I was spending a lot of my time not only helping my clients with the business and technical skills I’ve acquired over the years, but also advising them on how to use them in a directed fashion, and how to make the changes in their approach and their lives to become truly successful. I also found that I enjoyed this as much or more than the technical work. Over time, word-of-mouth has gradually rounded out my coaching clientele to include people from all walks of life. I’ve recently added doing inexpensive group coaching sessions (such as the enormously popular ‘A Perfect Life’ program) to my practice. These teleclasses have given me the pleasure of working with a lot of people who I otherwise probably wouldn’t have met, and I’m enjoying them a lot.

Thank you for taking a few moments to look over my site! If you find anything here that appeals to you, perhaps you’ll consider taking one of my free teleclasses to learn just a little more about what this kind of things is about.

Have a great day!

– Chuck