What The BLEEP Do We Know?

I’m really looking forward to seeing this when it gets distributed nationally in September. Be sure to go check the trailers…

I’m a little leery of the group behind it, but it’s hard to pass up a movie that hits one of my favorite themes — namely the relationship between some of the further reaches of theoretical physics and spirituality. There’s a lot of good (albeit under-recognized) work that has been done in this field in the past few years, and hopefully a movie like this will bring about more awareness of some of these topics.

Still, it’s hard to imagine that they included all of the experts that they did, and somehow managed to miss Robert Anton Wilson, probably one of the best known proponents of this concept — perhaps his health precluded him being involved? I’m guessing that this and Maybe Logic would make a great double feature — at least for a Friday night on a long weekend, where you had a few days to put your head back together afterwards….

(I was going to link the Maybe Logic site directly above, but it appears to be having problems at the moment. I highly recommend the DVD, but for people who are not familiar with Wilson, it may be a bit difficult to follow at first. For those folks I’d recommend starting by reading something like Prometheus Rising first.)

2 thoughts on “What The BLEEP Do We Know?

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