How Would You Describe Your Perfect Life?

What would you have in your perfect life? Who would be with you? What would you be focused on work-wise? How would you spend your recreational time? Where would you live? How would you live? Who would you be? Who could you become?

I have recently been working with several clients who are at that special time in life when they are ready to have a perfect life. And I do mean perfect, not just better. Not just easier. Not just great. Not just ideal. But perfect. Literally. In every area – family, work, money, health, enjoyment, fulfillment, happiness. All within 2 years.

People have strong opinions about having a perfect life…

Since I’ve been talking about the idea of having a perfect life and begun coaching clients to have one, I’ve come across two basic reactions from people.

The first type of person says something like, ‘A perfect life? Ha, dream on!’ or ‘Honey, you don’t live in New York!’ I totally understand their skepticism. After all, when’s the last time someone asked you if you wanted a perfect life? Most of us have certainly thought about improving our lives and perhaps you are working to have more of what you want in your life and less of what you don’t want. Or not. But having a perfect life? That’s something else. Or is it?

However, the second type of person I’ve shared the idea of having a perfect life with has had a different response. They react with something like ‘Wow, I’ve always wanted that!’ or ‘A perfect life? Now, THAT’S worth going for.’

Is a Perfect Life Possible?

It’s my view that we humans have come far enough as a species to both be able to design a perfect life and to feel good about having one once we attain it. The days of following someone else’s blueprint of existence are just plain over. At last, WE get to choose exactly how we want our life to be, and now we have the tools to help us get there.

It’s about time. The way I see it, even though we are living longer, life is still far too short to have anything less than a perfect life.

Could You Have A Perfect Life?

My clients and I have gotten so much out of the Perfect Life concept that I’ve recently begun offering a teleclass version of the Perfect Life Program. Six weeks, six hour-long classes you can take from anywhere, and you will find yourself on your way to having a Perfect Life — certainly you’ll have more things in your life that are perfect (in fact, I guarantee it). All for less than the price of a good dinner night on the town. How much is a little perfection in your life worth?

What the course includes:

  • 6 Hours of Teleclasses, over a 6 Week Period
  • All of the class notes from each teleclass session
  • Full Access to Students Material with literally hundreds of pages of worksheets & guides
  • A bonus introductory private coaching session (a $375 value!)
  • Access to private ‘students only’ discussion area

All for only $125 dollars. Now just how perfect is that?

The Perfect Life Program is simply powerful…
…and totally unique!

One of the things that makes this program so powerful are the materials that are included in it — dozens of man-years of development and testing went into this program, by one of the most widely respected coaching schools in the world. As a trained and certified instructor of this program, I have access (and include as part of the course) hundreds of tools, models, principles and checklists which we will use to help you design and attain a perfect life in every area you care to work on. You cannot get these tools (or this apparach) anywhere but from an instructor who has been trained and licensed to use this material as part of his or her coaching practice.

Still wondering if you can design and have a perfect life?

Designing and living a perfect life may sound like a stretch, but what’s wrong with that? I have found that it is often easier to reach large goals like this one than it is to reach merely incremental ones. Why? Because by setting such a compelling target, you are naturally prompted to come up with new and better ways to get there. And in the process you evolve. Naturally. So, having a perfect life is not as difficult as it may sound.

Do You WANT A Perfect Life?

What if you were to ask yourself…

‘Is having a Perfect Life, in all areas, something that appeals to me?’

‘Is this something I can get excited about?’

‘Do I care enough about myself to make having a Perfect Life a priority?’

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes!’ then I’d be happy to share with you a single-page worksheet that I have found extremely useful in the initial design phase of this project. My clients just love it! I’d be happy to fax, mail or e-mail this to you (at no charge or obligation), of course.

(I’m using this same worksheet in my own life, and it works wonders! I can’t believe that something this BIG has been made so simple!)

A Perfect Life can be part of your weekly coaching…

I am now working with a substantial number of my private coaching clients on designing and crafting a perfect life. Each week, we talk and strategize together about how to put every element of a perfect life into their lives — no matter who they area, or where they are along this path. This really is doable — and I would be thrilled to help.

If you’re not sure yet that private coaching is for you, perhaps my teleclass group coaching session is for you — we focus specificly on A Perfect Life, and you get an opportunity to see just how perfect your life can become. For a limited time, I’m even including a free introductory private coaching session!

What’s Stopping You From Having A Perfect Life?